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The Tourism economy has been severely hit by the corona virus (COVID 19) pandemic and measures have been introduced to contain its spread. There still is no vaccine as yet to combat the COVID-19 pandemic although global efforts are underway. Currently countries of the world have provided guidelines on how to live with COVID-19 under the “new normal” due to the fact that COVID 19 might live with us for a long time. Globally, nations have experienced low economic activities resulting in reduced revenue, thereby, impacting negatively on the financing of national programmes. The present shutdown has no model, but we are comforted in knowing that tourism is resilient and resolve to rebound from periods of such a predicament. Zambia’s tourism sector has been thrown into a crisis too due to the pandemic, putting thousands of businesses and jobs at risk. As tourism begins to open up gradually, the sector has developed protocols on health and safety to mitigate the effects of the COVID 19 on business and people’s incomes. Stakeholders in the tourism sector have therefore, through adoption of these protocols, taken responsibility of ensuring that destination Zambia is safe for tourism business.

The objectives of these safety protocols include;
  • Limiting and minimizing the spread of COVID 19;
  • Serve as safety guidelines for tourism businesses to protect both the staff and clients;
  • Harmonise the COVID19 response measures for the tourism sector in Zambia;
  • Instill confidence among potential clients that tourism is safe and they can resume activities in Zambia;
  • Audit and establish Zambia ‘s new carrying capacity in the provision of various tourism services.

The development of these guidelines is informed by what other partners are doing in the region; and the sectorspecific guidelines provided by the World Health Organisation, United Nations World Tourism Organisation, and World Travel and Tourism Council. Sooner than later as COVID 19 is subdued, Zambia shall open its doors to the World inviting them to come and explore the flora and fauna the country is endowed with.

Zambia Awaits You. Stay Safe!

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For more detailed information, please visit the Zambia Travel Website for more information on COVID-19 Guidelines for when visiting Zambia.

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