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City Tours

The Lllayi Elephant Orphanage
Situated in the beautiful, 650 hectare Game Farm of Lilayi Lodge, the Lilayi Elephant Nursery is home to the youngest members of our rescued elephant calves. Here they receive the dedicated care needed to get through the vital, vulnerable early months and years of rehabilitation before they are taken to the Kafue Release Facility and greater exposure to wild elephants and their new home in the Kafue National Park.

Located just off Leopards Hill road. Come and have fun playing paintball, with your friends, family or coworkers, trying to eliminate the opposing team by shooting them with paint filled balls. The game is played with 2-12 players aside and is a great way to build teamwork between coworkers. It doesn't need any particular sporting ability and it is great for both men and women, as well as anyone aged 10+ and is open to all levels of fitness to be able to participate on an equal footing. Cool drinks are available on site as well as a BBQ that guests are welcome to use. We at Paintball Mania can also arrange birthday parties, team building, stag dos, hen parties, events, private games and more.

The heart of the city
Lusaka City Market lies in the center of the city, west from Cairo Road. It is a huge, one roof market place, housing over 4000 market stalls selling and producing various kinds of products and services: clothes, CDs, DVDs, food.. The market is a place worth visiting, even if you wouldn’t be planning to buy anything.

The national museum
Lusaka National Museum has four main sections telling about the history of the country form many aspects. There are paintings, sculptures, maps etc. To me the most interesting was the one on witchcraft.

Day trip to Chaminuka
Situated outside of the city on the way to the airport is a private game park called Chaminuka. It's pretty large, but don't go thinking that you're getting a "true" safari experience. You can see elephant, lots of Kudu, antelope, zebra, and a bunch of other animals. There is a fantastic restaurant attached to the lodge (which I hear is quite nice as well) that serves a really good buffet lunch. There is also a pool. Tours of the park are done in game-drive fashion - basically you're sitting in the back of a covered pickup truck on comfortable seats. If you've never done a safari and don't have the time to do a weekend getaway to a proper park, Chaminuka is well worth the $150 for the all day visit (which includes lunch and transport to and from hotel).

Cheese Tasting in Zambia?
There are two different types of game reserves. There are the ones that are open with no fences and then there are the types that are fenced in that keep the wildlife in an enclosed area so that you can view them all. Chaminuka is all enclosed and fenced in with a variety of animals for you to view. The grounds are actually very nice and showcase a large selection of art that has been collected by the owners over the 20+ years they have been there. The staff is extremely pleasant, and as an added bonus...you can do a cheese tasting of cheese made on the grounds! The reserve has rooms for people to stay and also has enough room for several hundred people to come for business functions.

Anglican Cathedral Zambia
Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Although the Cathedral had been in use since 1962 it could not formally be consecrated until all the work was finished all the bills paid. It is good to record that in 1970 this happy event took place. Work on the fabric was completed and money was raised to pay for it by April 28th 1970 when the Archbishop Oliver formally consecrated the Cathedral

Visiting Soweto Market
Stroll around Lusaka's biggest and most African market where almost anything and everything can be found. Buy a new pair of shoes to curing that aliment with medicine from a traditional healer.

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