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Boiling Pot Hike

Take this awesome picturesque hike in the morning or afternoon down the gorge, under the Victoria Falls Bridge, and experience the splendour of the Victoria Falls from down below. Then take a swim in the pools at the base of the falls.

Just to see the Victoria Falls from its base is a breathtaking experience. But to get there, there is a hike involved. You have to walk down the Batoka Gorge, go under the Victoria Falls Bridge, take a raft to the base of the falls and voilà. Sounds simple enough, but we highly recommend that you be in good shape, or do quite a bit of exercise at least a few weeks before doing the Boiling Pot Hike. If you are a smoker, the hike back up the gorge will be the most painful, so reduce or stop your intake well before the hike (and in case you are wondering - YES we are speaking from experience). It takes about 30 minutes to get to the bottom of the gorge which is almost 110m high (360 feet), with steep steps, rocks, some rafting and swimming. Then there is the preparation time and rafting across to the other side of the gorge with takes about 30 minutes. After about an hour at the base of the falls, it takes about 1 hour to get out of the gorge. The experience is very enjoyable and worth the work!

Best Time for the Hike
The Boiling Pot Hike and is a seasonal activity, much like the low water rafting, which is offered during the months of August through to December when the water is not to high in the Zambezi River. This makes is less dangerous for hikers because when there is a lot of water, you will not enjoy the showers under the falls, it will be too dangerous in any case. There are two times at which you can do the Boiling Pot Hike - 9AM and 3PM. During this time of the year, it tends to get very hot by noon time, so we prefer the afternoon hike because the sun is not overhead and you will be in the shade of the gorge until you get to the falls. Plus, the climb back up the gorge is around sundown.

The Start
If you are already in town, you can go to the Shearwater offices and meet the guides and transport there. Be there at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time for your gorge hike. Alternatively, Shearwater will pick you up from your hotel to take you to the gorge. You will have paid for the hike, but you will need to bring a $10 National Park fee with you which is paid when you check-in for your Boiling Pot Hike.

It is a short drive from town to the top of the gorge. There, you will receive instructions and safety briefing from the seasoned guides, gear up with a helmet and the decent down the gorge begins. Safety is always first, so take your time walking in single file down the gorge.

When you get to the bottom of the gorge, you will be met with a life jacket and a raft which will take you against the current past the Victoria Falls bridge and across to the base of the falls. You don't need to be a pro-rafter to take the oars, just listen to the guides' instructions to either paddle forwards, backwards or stop.

Once you get to the falls side, you can take off the life-jackets and enjoy a hike across the rocks. By this time, you will already be amazed by the scenery at the bottom of the gorge, but coming around the bend to see the Victoria Falls and the spray will have you wishing for an overnight stay. Take your time and hold on to the rocks while you get to the showers of the falls because the rocks are very slippery.  This is the best part of the Boiling Pot hike so feel free to strip down to your swimming gear and jump into the pools below the falls. Don't forget to take lots of pictures while you are down there.

The Perfect Ending
The guides will give you fair warning before its time to leave and go back up the gorge. You will need to put your helmets back on and then your life-jacket at the raft. The cruise back is a short one as you will be going with the current. The hike back up the gorge will be followed by refreshments (provided) at the top of the gorge, while the sun starts fading beyond the town.

What you will need for the trip
So what do you need to take with you for this incredible Boiling Pot hike?
• Comfortable shoes that are suitable for hiking - try not to use brand new shoes, and make sure that they have a good sturdy sole as some of the rocks may be too sharp for thin soles.
• Waterproofing for your cameras/phones
• Swimming attire underneath your t-shirt and shorts
• Don't forget the $10 National Park fee which is required at check-in!

Points to Note
You will be provided with nice cold water by the guys at Shearwater, but if you want to bring your own, you are welcome to do so. The gorge hike is scheduled for 3.5 hours in total, so be sure to eat well before you go on your gorge hike and swim.

Unfortunately, children under 15 are not allowed for the Boiling Pot Hike. Children under 18 need to have signed authorisation by their parents/guardians.  Please note that a reasonable level of fitness is required for hiking the gorge

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Suggested Packages

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