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Jet Boating

Pumping vast amounts of power from huge jet engines, these power boats shoot down the rapids of the Zambezi at 90km an hour. The Jet Extreme jetboat is a custom built, super twin, 22 seater 700 HP Jet Boat and provides a thrilling ride - flying over the water, 'buzzing' rock faces and jet spinning, all in the spectacular setting of the Batoka Gorge between rapids 23 and 27.

There are two departures, morning and afternoon, with an hours drive to the edge of the gorge. Thereafter 8 minute cable car ride 220 meters down into the gorge(making the Jet boat easily accessible to all ages and abilities). The jetboat ride itself lasts for half an hour before the cable car ride out of the gorge at the end. Includes drinks after the boat ride and at the top of the gorge after the Cable Car ride out. The trip in total lasts about three and a half hours, and includes quick village tour of Chief Mukuni's village along the way.

Suggested Packages

Suggested Packages

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