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Lower Zambezi

The Lower Zambezi National Park is an extremely beautiful park lying on the north bank of the Zambezi River and opposite Mana Pools Park in Zimbabwe. The hills are covered with Miombo woodland and mopane and acacia are found in the valleys. There is a great variety of game species, which include elephant and buffalo, but unfortunately the numbers have been reduced because of poaching. Of the predators, lion and leopard are the most active in the park, while massive elephant herds are seen along the river. You will find plenty of crocodiles basking in the Zambian sun and the birdlife is truly something to behold, from the tiniest bee-eaters to tall shoebill storks and everything in between.

It becomes very hot in the summer. The beauty of the Lower Zambezi Park is its wildness. Canoeing here is an amazing experience and is one of the best ways to see a wide variety of birds. The lodges in the park give you the choice of day-long canoe trips or a leisurely hour on the river. Out on bush walks while engaging in animal tracking, you will meet up with different animal and bird species.

Game viewing is best in mid-season between June and October. Naturally, the river should be at its highest in June (when all the rainwater in the catchment area has reached downstream) - but the levels are heavily controlled by the hydro-electric scheme at the Kariba Dam wall - so it can rise overnight if more electricity output is needed. There are no operations inside the park during the rains as roads become impassable and the wildlife moves to the security of the hills rather than the vulnerability of the river banks.

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Suggested Packages

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