Going Places Tours and Travel is dedicated to creating and facilitating travel experiences that expand awareness and give each person a true sense of the country and culture they are visiting. We specialize in Zambia and the Southern Region of Africa, and we know we can succeed at giving each client the most complete travel experience at the best price.

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Going Places Tours and Travel is dedicated to creating and facilitating travel experiences that expand awareness and give each person a true sense of the country and culture they are visiting. We specialize in Zambia and the Southern Region of Africa, and we know we can succeed at giving each client the most complete travel experience at the best price.

Today, with a total work experience of over 30 years between our young and competent staff, Going Places Tours and Travel is slowly gaining its place as one of the leading players in the African Inbound market scene.

Our Services
More and more of our clients choose our company as their ultimate one-stop shopping place when it comes to arranging travel to Zambia and the Southern Region of Africa. We are specialized in Transfers, Accommodation, Excursions, Coach Packages, Holiday Packages, Safaris,  Air Ticketing,  and other  travel related services such as visas to Zambia. We provide to both individual and corporate clients professional service and consultancy in our areas of expertise. Our company is a small size set up which will strive to ensure that we provide quality and personalized services in an effort to become one of the pioneers in this industry in Zambia. Ultimately our strategy is to avail the best prices with high quality services to our esteemed clients. Our aim is to get you to your final destination in comfort and safety.

To be the leader in providing quality service that is unsurpassed in the travel industry.
Commitment to:
Providing fast, efficient, personalized, superior services
Placing the interest of clients and customers first
Develop a repeat-business base of loyal customers
Teamwork from the smallest unit to the enterprise as a whole
Treating all people with respect and dignity

Social Responsibilities
Our main line of business is Travel and Tourism. However our staff have seen it prudent to develop a stance towards responsible air travel and even road travel due to the various forms of pollution.
We believe organizations should focus as much on social responsibility as on business performance. Therefore our staff have identified social and cultural projects such as “Community based Tourism” where we will try to offer assistance to Communities in any means possible.

International air Travel
Going Places Tours and Travel will enjoy a very good relationship with all airlines, which will give us the edge to provide quality international Air Travel or flights to all parts of the world. We are able to book our clients on all major airlines such as: British Airways, South African Airways, Kenya Airways, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Delta Airlines, Dutch Airlines (KLM), Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Egypt Air, Cathay Pacific, Air-Mauritius, Zambezi Airlines and many others.

Domestic Air Travel
We will also provide domestic air Travel both scheduled and chartered flights to all parts of Zambia at competitive rates.

We will offer and book accommodation for our clients in all parts of Zambia such as: Lusaka, Livingstone, South Luangwa National Park, Kafue National Park, Siavonga/ Lake Kariba, and Lower Zambezi National Park. We also provide this service in the African region and other countries possible.

Tour Packages and Safari
We offer tour packages and Safaris to all our National Parks in Zambia, for both Zambian and international tourists. Our rates are very competitive as we have some of the best negotiated rates with lodges and Hotels in Zambia and beyond

Coach Packages
Going Places Tour and Travel want you to enjoy your holiday from start to finish and that means convenience all the way. We offer Coach Packages from Lusaka to Livingstone and Siavonga (Kariba). Future plans for coach Packages to the Northern circuit of the country are being explored!
If you like the idea of having everything taken care of for you, from the moment you book to the moment you return... and if you like the idea of meeting people who are a pleasure to travel with... then Going Places is your perfect choice.

Regional Tour Packages
We are advantaged to have satellite agents in our Region and Africa as a whole who we work with to provide special tour packages to different parts of our continent such as: Dubai, Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. We offer: safari, leisure and adventure packages in all these countries.

Conference Facilities
We will offer and book conference facilities for our corporate clients in all the conferencing areas in Zambia and the region. Please contact us for a successful and memorable end of the year conference and you will not regret.

Car Hire and Transfers
We offer excellent car hire services of the highest standard. We have a wide range of vehicles such as: Saloon cars, 4x4’s , light trucks, luxury 7-16 seater buses, 30 seater buses, 75 seater buses all readily available for hire upon request.
Travel Insurance
We offer travel insurance to all our clients who see the need for travel insurance as they travel around the globe. This gives a free mind to most of our clients as they travel.

Sales Team
We understand that our existing customers need updated information all the time and the fact that we see the need to grow our clientele base, we therefore have a wonderful customer relations and sales team which is readily available to assist you in any way to make you understand the aspects of travel, Tourism, and Car Hire services, as we make planning your travel easier.
This information can be obtained on our website www.goingplaces.com. Specials and other discounted rates are always uploaded on this site for convenience.

The Going Places Tours and Travel will rely on a Computerized Reservation System (CRS) for all client reservations. The CRS enables travel agencies to identify what the customer is looking for and make that information available quickly. It also increases the speed and efficiency with which we are able to communicate with our clients. In addition, the CRS makes customer data storage and retrieval relatively simple. We will also make use of the Internet for market research and communications. Currently Going Places Tours and Travel is using the Galileo Travel Port system to make bookings internationally and local travel bookings and we intend on using many more other computerised reservations systems as we expand.

Our Future Plans
Our future plans are to; open agencies at additional locations, as the travel market reaches maturity. We shall participate in additional segments of the travel market as we research the market to identify potential opportunities for future locations, to ensure our clients nsrecognized provider of top-of-the-line corporate, travel, adventure and health travel. This goal does not prohibit us from participating in additional segments. It does, however, provide a corporate focus and a differentiated offering which is our main goal.

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